The Elephant Freedom Volunteer Project


This page is no longer in use. Please see our home page for the latest information.

Embark on an amazing volunteering adventure with the Sri Lankan elephant. Become part of the unique Elephant Freedom Project in rural Sri Lanka. A project located between lush green jungle and paddy fields where the elephants are Free from working and chains. A project where you as a volunteer will have a fantastic time caring for one of nature’s most majestic creatures and where you help the local community at the same time.

At the Elephant Freedom Project the elephants roam the project grounds freely. Together you and the other volunteers will enjoy taking the elephants for their bathing, feed the elephants and join them on daily elephant walks.

But that is not all. Elephants are highly intelligent and love enrichment games. It will be a real challenge for you and the other volunteers to come up with new and innovative games for the elephants.

Activities at this project don’t stop there. You can help cleaning the elephant beds, giving them a nice clean place for the night and help with the maintenance of the grounds. Or how about growing your own elephant food at the eco-garden?

The local community loves to welcome you. You can assist at the local village and disabled home. Help by teaching, playing games, sports etc. And to top off your lifetime experience why not get involved in learning some traditional Sri Lankan cooking?

We look forward to having you at the Elephant Freedom Project. The first project in Sri Lanka where elephants are Free from forced labour and chains. Book today!