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Ready to get up close and personal to one of the most magnificent creatures that roams the land?

The Elephant Freedom Project is a safe haven for domestic elephants where you can visit and volunteer to help. With us, the elephants are free from work, saved from tourist riding and from wood logging places. We strive to create an environment without the usual abuse and hardship that goes on so often.  At our place the elephants have a happy life in a safe environment where they get plenty of exercise during their morning walk, go for a wash and swim in the river and happily play in our purpose build enclosure of 26909 sqf (2500 sqm). (Sadly the elephants featured in the video are no longer with us but the video gives you a good idea about a day at our project).  


Your Visit / Volunteer Experience

IMG_5195_Medium.jpgWe offer an intimate elephant encounter which is suitable for young and old, active and relax.

Almost all we do is centred around our adorable elephant Manika. She is nearly 40 years old and used to work in the wood logging industry before coming to the loving and caring environment we offer.

We expect a second elephant to come live with us any day now.


IMG_5099_Medium.jpgYour day starts by helping out in the enclosure before joining the elephant(s) on the daily morning walk as it is vitally important for elephants to get plenty of exercise. After the walk you can see the elephant(s) enjoy a wash and swim in the lovely cool river.

Next we take our tea break before  or learning how to cook home-made Sri Lankan food.


DSC03655_Medium.JPGAfter lunch we'll go on the second walk of the day. 

Part of the daily routine is for the elephant(s) to be washed in the river in the afternoon. 

Every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can join us when we go to a local school for English conversation. This is a lot of fun. 

Then it’s time to relax and enjoy the evening meal.

11010982_868533529872884_6177029531007196018_n.jpgVisitors staying the night are made to feel very welcome by our wonderful host family whose home is next to the elephant enclosure.

We have 3 rooms for our visitors with en-suite Western bathroom. At the end of a heart-warming and most enjoyable day with the elephants, there is nothing better than a cool, refreshing shower before dinner.

All activities are done at your leisure and if you'd rather sit back, relax and simply enjoy watching the elephants, that is no problem either.

We offer aditional activities and excursions such as yoga classes, river tubing and trips to interesting must see places both world famous and off the beaten track. Ask us for more information.

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*The above activities are subject to change

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